About Us

For centuries people have been divided by social classes. This was even evident in American slavery, for you had the "Field Negro" the "House Negro" and the Master. Today you have the blue collar worker, the white collar, and the CEO.

"THE LUXURY OF THE FEW HAS ALWAYS BEEN CARRIED ON THE BACKS OF THE MANY." Phield Negro's urban clothing line is geared towards individuals who gain their strength through adversities.

From out the mud, Phield Negro is designed not only to set a trend, but also to educate and encourage. From the cotton-pickin fields of the south to these cotton made clothes, Phield Negro shows the history of rising above adversities. This is marked by the symbol of cotton.

Designed to provide the encouragement needed to face life's challenges and rise above obstacles, Phield Negro is more than your average clothing line. If "PRESSURE IS MY POWER" your slogan, Phield Negro is here to help you make that statement. PHIELD NEGRO, A SYMBOL OF STRENGTH, THE ATTITUDE OF RESILIENCE!